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sources that the nsa can't determine the full extent what he took. a new report out in "wall street journal" that points to new details about the nsa surveillance reach. the report says the nsa can monitor 75% of all u.s. internet traffic. much more than had been publicly disclosed. i want to bring in alex burns and lauren fox. good morning. >> good morning. >> so, alex, is this like a spigot? things keep dripping out over time? i mean, does it mean these stores get less attention and less gets done because people sort of feel like it's the sky is falling? or is there some movement building around this when it comes to more transparency? >> chris, i think we are going to see, going into certainly 2014 and then as you see politicians, i think you'll see a intensifying discussion about this. every couple of days there is some new story what exactly the nsa is up to or some sort of personality driven drama like we have seen with eric snowden and glenn greenwald the last couple of days and keeps washington focused on this and prompt folks in the senate and house to weigh in on exactly h
the nsa. this afternoon the president is meeting with a group of lawmakers about the controversial surveillance programs that collect phone records and emails. they are members of the intelligence committee or senators with specific concerns about the issue. and it comes as momentum is growing against the nsa security agency program. last night the security chief was heckled at a conference in las vegas. >> think what you're saying is that in these cases what's the decision, where is the discussion, and what tools should we have to stop those? >> you lied to congress. why would we believe you're not lying to us now. >> haven't lied to congress. >> hours earlier senators questioned intelligence officials about how the program success run and if it's invading americans' privacy. >> we could have more security if we stripped searched everybody that came into every building in america. we won't do that. we'll have more security if we close our borders to everybody. we're not going to do that. you worked together on a bill to rein in the nsa. thank you for being with us. you just saw th
from former nsa contractor edward snowden. . shows the nsa is breaking the rules and overstepping its bounds. internal audit showed it violated privacy rules 2,776 times. what more can you tell us about this nsa program, karen? >> this is a report this morning by our colleague bart geldman on the front page of "the washington post." i think the absolute most charitable description of what we have seen in this audit is incredibly sloppiness on the part of the nsa. there was one instance in there, for instance, where they thought they were typing in the country code of egypt and instead they put in 202 and put in something else. this is was an internal report. there were strong indications that the agency itself has a policy of not providing its own supposed overseers with any more what they refer to as extraneous information than they have to. it seems an effort to keep the agencies and courts that are supposed to be overseeing them in the dark about a lot of their both, you know, policies, but also their inadvertent mistakes and how easy it is to make those. >> supporters of the overa
playing the part of a reporter yesterday, including asking about the nsa programs. let me play that. >> we don't have a domestic spying program. what we do have are some mechanisms where we can track a phone number or an e-mail address that we know is connected to some sort of terrorist threat. and, you know, that information is useful. >> i did think it was interesting, lois, when jay leno asked if it was the nsa that got the intelligence about this plot, he kind of didn't answer. >> you know, i think what is really interesting is how often this president has gone on jay leno. i mean, the white house was clearly made a decision to take whatever message they had and they had a lot of messages on a lot of different fronts right to the american people. the president, you know, stays on message. i don't know where he got the plot from, you know, where he got the information from the plot, but i think one of the things he is saying about security in al qaeda also is that it's not all about al qaeda. you know? that now they have these threats all over the world with these free agents, you know,
that much of what the nsa is doing spying on american citizens is violation of the fourth amendment and a violation of the statue. this opinion remains a complete secret. the fisa court said they had no objection to having it relieved but the obama administration says it has to be secret. >> what do you say to glenn gre greenwald? >> he has a point that they need to be classified if only for the sake of the appearance and credibility and trust of the american people in that institution. if you were to say that a court operates in secret, issues opinions in secret, its deliberations are all secret, its judges are secret in all of the work they do, it sounds a lot like the kind of star chamber or proceedings that existed at the time of our revolution and our rebellion against england. this court is a black box. it needs to be opened and at least some ways so that trust and credibility are maintained and enhanced, which is the reason for my proposal that there be be an adversarial process and opinions be disclosed and classified and that there be a different method of selecting. all co
of sexual harassment. >>> more revelations about the nsa. turns out they've been collecting american e-mails since at least 2008. that's when a law went into effect that allows warrantless surveillance on noncitizens abroad. but a federal court found the nsa actually collected the e-mails of americans with no terror ties. as many as 56,000 of them in three years. the nsa devised a new set of procedures for handling the internet traffic in question. fascinating and revealing, that's the final set of secret recordings from richard nixon just made public. here's a cameo by ronald reagan offering his support of the embattled president who may have had a few drinks. >> behind you out here and i wanted to know that you're in our prayers. ron, we have got to build peace in the world. >> well, i'm lucky. >> you're lucky. >> the tapes end on july 12th when the system is publicly revealed. nixon is finally forced to resign later. >>> just moments ago, deposed egyptian president hosni mubarak was taken by helicopter to nearby military hospital. he will be put under house arrest. he served two yea
titled democratic divide over nsa could pose a problem for obama and talks about several democrats >> you have sort of more liberal democrats joining with more conservative republicans as we saw last week to raise concerns about the nsa and say they shouldn't be allowed to do these phone and internet tracking programs. you have those that are sort of, you know, more closely aligned with the intelligence community and work with it more often saying, no, this needs to continue but we are going to try to find some way to make sure that americans' privacy is protected. both the house and senate intelligence committees promise to do that and stop the votes and debate that has been going on ever since snowden made that revelation. >> susan, i want to circle back what ed said, the last couple of decades, russia has been our fre-enemy any way. what can the administration to at this particular time? >> the administration is not? a strong place when it comes to rush shall and snowden. the situation in syria were sdrefdoes he say tr-- distracied. we don't like the way moscow is close to the iranian
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is not as conservative as barack obama when it comes to the nsa policies and drones and that we may go back to a candidate of 2007 named senator barack obama who was the anti-war and in this case may be the anti-security candidate -- excuse me not security, but against the anti-obama policies that are currently in place. >> not a candidate yet but one person who is getting a lot of talk at the moment and that is donald trump. abc's jonathan karl asked trump if he could be taken seriously after questioning president obama's birth certificate. listen to this. >> i don't know. was there a birth certificate? you tell me. some people say that was not his birth certificate. i'm saying, i don't know. nobody knows. you don't know either. >> keith, tactic or real answer here? >> does anybody really care what donald trump says other than donald trump? he is good for television ratings but the relaality he wi never be the president of the united states. i think donald trump even knows that. he is a good diversion. unfortunately, the republican party took him seriously as a candidate in the last electi
the cia and nsa, adam. congressman, thanks for being here. what did you know about this decision about timing and did it surprise you? >> it doesn't surprise me the administration has come to the conclusion fairly rapidly they have to act. the president about draw a line in the sand and that line has been crossed repeatedly and to an even greater extent, so the military has to act i think what secretary kerry said yesterday, the administration has made the decision to act. once you've made that decision, i think delay is really not in your favor. they do need to get a few things done. they need to rally the support of the international community. they need to have consultations with congress. i would love to see us call back into session, although i think unlikely. if the president limits the action to targeting those instrumental its used to deliver chemical weapons and it's of limited duration, i think he can get by with consultations with congress. if what he has in mind is something broader than that, then we must have a vote. but i don't think the administration is planning someth
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14 (some duplicates have been removed)